Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cheap Escape: Nuvali Trip

Our Little Hanikah Graduated!
After her graduation we were opting for some nice dinner like a buffet or a classy restaurant.
But Hubby doesn't want to go to manila or moa(my first choice)
So NUVALI just pop in my head!
We never been there before, so we had no idea how to get there except to
drive through SLEX.
We ask question at the binan exit, they told us to exit ETON CITY. 
Well it was easier to find, and was near tagaytay!
When we got there I was really hungry. Craving for pizza.
So Yellow Cab it is.. my fave!

At Nuvali 

there is a fish feeding area where you can buy fish food and feed lots of fishy..

war of the fishes! survival of the fittest!

if these were piranhas..... it would really be great! 

fish food for only P15.00!

Fish feeding was fun! especially when they are killing each other! haha.kidding.
A little yucky when they are piling up to get fed!

Another fun part, The Boat Riding! and it was only P30/head..

So there it is... Our little Cheap but Fun Trip.

To get there..
Via SLEX. Exit Eton City. 
Or Tagaytay, left turn Mahogany market then drive straightforward. 

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