Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hanikah's New Shoes..

Hanikah's Lolo Just arrived.. He bought hanikah lots of shoes.. :)
All of them are so CUTE!!

clockwise (L-R) - pink rubber shoes, Converse rubber shoes
Fila Rubber Shoes, Havaianas baby pets sandals

Gladiator Heels

Ive been obsessing about Gladiaotor Heel or Gladiator Wedges at this moment.. Been looking at shops, department stores for the perfect pair that i would love. Yesterday I went to
Robinson's Imus and saw some pair at Jazz that is nice but im still looking for something like this:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Local Obagi

so now been searching some stuff at GT to remove my freaking whiteheads-turning-pimples!!
grr...Im so devastated everytime I see it in the mirror.. now i curse Glycolic products!culprit of these closed comodones..
and now I bought Local multiply.
and it arrive today.. so excited!!
And inside the package was:

*bleaching cream
*sunblock foundation
*collagen and elastin - supposed to be it had to be
peeling cream but I opt for the collagen instead
*Clarifying Toner
*Medicated Astringent

I already tried out the collagen elastin + sunblock foundation.
And i love it.. Maybe i was too excited.. but still I love it..!!

Anyway I will post my pics as soon as there will be changes in my skin..
hope it does!cheers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lacuna Coil + Theatre of Tragedy = Headbang

ever heard of LACUNA COIL???
well if not...

let me introduce them to you..
A band from Italy..
The vocalist.. is Cristina Scabbia..
who's totally hot!!! love her!

Love every song they made..especially Our Truth, Enjoy the silence
and Swamped (from Resident Evil - Apocalypse)
There a Goth - metal band..

Next on the Line..

Theatre of tragedy

Me = Huge Fan
Ok, I really dig their Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal..
When I listen to it.. It's like im dancing in the Air.. I know im exag
but i do feel it..!! who cares!
my fave songs from them:

rose for the dead.. - classic!
dreams - liv's kristins voice is so so so beautiful!damn!
angelique - does make me sleepy..
a distance there is - really really goth!

Oh.. how a wish they would tour here...

My Baby Hanikah! welcome to the world!

Born on january 29. 2009
weighing 4.14 lbs
St. Lukes Medical Center
around 8:34 pm

the most beautiful person ive ever seen...

love you! darling

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Lovely Daughter!

Here is Hanikah Rae. My precious little one..
wearing her pink dress from singapore.
Raising her as a single really really tough..But its really worth it. She nows speak different words (in her baby language) lol. But it's so funny that we all laugh at her when she does that. She will pick everthing. yesterday she got my mom's corel plates from the table and threw it,which was a gift from my dad. my my my she was upset.. But When she saw that tiny smile from her. Well she can't resist that.. And Now she just got home from her dad's house. One of her aunt's bought her a barney stuff toy. it was so cute.

Ulzzang eyes...

Im really digging the ulzzang fad or "best faced" a term derived from koreans.. Anyway.. I really got envy with their freaky big But still they are so cute! So i bought a pair of magic circle lenses..Aido putti glue, but I sparingly use it to glue my lids. Im so bad at it,that sometimes I ended having one eye bigger. Well Im still practicing though.. lol..
Here are picture of girls