Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Local Obagi

so now been searching some stuff at GT to remove my freaking whiteheads-turning-pimples!!
grr...Im so devastated everytime I see it in the mirror.. now i curse Glycolic products!culprit of these closed comodones..
and now I bought Local multiply.
and it arrive today.. so excited!!
And inside the package was:

*bleaching cream
*sunblock foundation
*collagen and elastin - supposed to be it had to be
peeling cream but I opt for the collagen instead
*Clarifying Toner
*Medicated Astringent

I already tried out the collagen elastin + sunblock foundation.
And i love it.. Maybe i was too excited.. but still I love it..!!

Anyway I will post my pics as soon as there will be changes in my skin..
hope it does!cheers!