Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eye Cream Hunt

Hunting down the best eye cream is a must for me. Due to stress, work, health issues, post baby, eye area are dark with lot's of crows feet. It Totally made me more stress out every time I look at the mirror. The Search begun for the ultimate eye, well of course, money is a big issue here, because i never realize that eye creams are much more expensive then face moisturizer, toners, lotion, etc. My first Eye cream is NIVEA VISAGE WHITENING EYE CREAM, because i want to cure the dark circles first. Well i do think that it help me a little, cause it did lessen my dark circles, and in contineous use it did vanish my dark circles. Hooray!!! but that's not the end. Next pit stop: Crow's Feet! Well! The Hardest Part.. And more money to throw.. Bought SAn SAN Vitamin A Eye Cream. It was just a impulse when i bought it, cause it was on sale... never thought i would waste money on this piece of junk... gave it to my friend. Then My Current Winner: Neutrogena Visibly firm Active Copper Eye Cream.. bought it at ebay for P900.00 golly! But I don't care.. As long as I feel Well on my first application, my skin is so supple. and when i wake up, (even when i don't have a good sleep) I don't have swollen, dark eyes, and now i think my eye skin are much firmer from before... If this is really really good.. I'll stick with this..