Sunday, March 28, 2010

Should be a Fun Sunday

its been so long since Ive been blogging. I'm kind of a bummer when its comes to writing my thoughts. But this day,I actually had a great day. We had an outing at hidden vega resort, the place was nice, but the location sucks. Kaka was so excited..well what will you expect with a toddler that is so addicted to swimming. Ok enough of the fun story.. I thought this day would go pretty well, but:
Disaster 1. Bad hair day. Oh why oh why sunday was pick to have a bad hair day when it could have been mon, tue or wed. Sunday is when we have a.) church meetings (there's a lot of people). b.)We have a house preaching (of course we would face people..again) 3.)We have a swimming of hidden vega (yes ,there will be a lot of people too). I guess my hair hates me.

Disaster 2. We had grilled pork for lunch.yummmm! but my sister cook enough rice for 3 when there will be 6 people eating!!

Disaster 3. I wore a cap that has "Duraflex" on it. it should have been "American wire". nice

Disaster 4. We forgot to bring plates. So the 4 of us have to share a plate.

Disaster 5. When we went home. We forgot one of our bags at the van. good thing all of our money was in there. We have no money to pay the jeepney's fare! So i have to go back and borrow money from our cousin.

Disaster 6. We ate at KFC out of starvation. I ordered there wow steak and chewy cheeze out of curiosity (note: disguting) I shoud have ordered the spaghetti instead. but don't have enough money.

what a nice day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pootchi Dies at the age of 14

Our Dog Pootchi that has been with us for 14 years has passed away.
It was really sad. She has been with us since i was still a kid. And we have a lot of memories from her. She's a very tough girl and doesn't want anyone except people she's very familiar with near our house. When she was still strong, our neighbors call her queen of the street because all of the dogs on our street are afraid of her well so does our neighbors too. We will miss you Pootchi. :(