Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brazilian Wax @ The Brow Studio SM Dasmarinas

Ok its been months since my last post. These past few weeks.. I've been tempting to get a Brazilian Wax. Yes! I really wanted to try it. I'm crazy when it comes to beauty stuff. Been searching for days where to get it. And the vote is always STRIP Ministry of Waxing. But its too far from my place. But they said it is really worth to try it there specially if your a BRAZILIAN WAX VIRGIN.

One day when we were strolling around SM Dasma. I saw this newly opened salon called

I check it out if there offering Brazilian Wax and they Do!

Here are there pricelist (copied it from their facebook)

The Next Day I went back to inquire. They have 2 types of wax
one is Carmel Warm Wax(P568) and the other is GIGI Hot Wax (P768)

Their staff was friendly and accommodating.
I ask which one is better..and they told me GIGI Hot Wax is better because it came from 

I told them I would come back because I was still undecided and a little scared of the pain.
After thinking too much... I went for it.

I forgot to take pictures when I went back inside the salon because I was too nervous and a little shy.
They told me to get inside in one of their rooms or cubicle..
(I'll take pictures when I get back!)

The room is actually a little small compare to Lay Bare SM Dasma City
Actually their whole shop is too small
 and nothing fancy. Its actually beside this diamond shop on the 2nd floor of SM Dasma City
I don't like their interior design by the way it gave me a headache.. sort of like 
(F.R.I.E.N.D.S) joey's quote "my eyes" "my eyes" :))

Anyway back to what happened...
The friendly staff ask me to take off my pants and panties or any lower part clothing.
2 attendants did the procedure. 

I was really shy but they comfort me and told me to relax and not be shy because they 
see this stuff everyday and they were trained for 4 months.

The procedure lasted for 20 - 30mins I guess. It did hurt on some part. But I tolerated the procedure
well. So for my first Brazilian Wax, It was not bad at all. But the downside...
It was not very clean. 
. I still saw  pieces of small strands of hair.
I do hope on my second session their service would improved.
I did not saw if the double dip or use any gloves. 

I went home and feel a little sore and a little burning sensation  down there.
But after 12 hours. The pain was gone.
 Im still happy with the result. 

PROS for me:
*Friendly Accommodating Staff
(a plus for me! Ayoko ng MASUSUNGIT na staff. utang na loob!)
* Clean Area
*They use different cloths. that made the work easier and less painful
*Price is mid range
*Pain was tolerable. I like hot wax better. 

*Not very clean. There were strays of hair left 
*Place is a little small. I had a hard time spreading my legs in the cubicle area.
*They don't offer anything such as wipes before the procedure. Good thing
I bought one.
*There were still wax left after the procedure that kept sticking with my panty! ugh...


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