Friday, March 21, 2014

Red Engine Burger Tagaytay

This is my first Food Post.
Its been a while since I posted in blogger.
Honestly, im not really good in blogging.

Ok.lets cut the chase.
Hubby wanted to treat us to Red Engine Burger. 

Red engine is located at Sky Ranch Tagaytay.
We went there Saturday and there were a lot of people.
I ordered their burger with cream cheese.
Their burger is really appealing to the eyes since it has a bloody red bun. 
It was really big kinda like Zarks burger. 
But honestly I did not like it. maybe I just chose the wrong flavor. 
But I love Cream Cheese!
 Zarks is much better and way cheaper. 
Even hubby did not really like it. 

We did love the fries with garlic mayo sauce and Blue Lemonade!

p300 - p500 
per burger. you have to P50 - P80 for fries and drink.


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