Friday, April 8, 2011

Extra Virgin OIive oil for the face

Ive been reading the Natural oils thread in Girltalk forum
and found out the wonders of EVOO or simple extra virgin Olive oil..
Many gt'ers love this stuff so my curiosity with this product killed me
and hit the grocery right away..

I bought Filippo Berio Extra Virgin olive oil

EVOO Benefits:

- overtime soften and smooth skin and wrinkles
- lower cholesterol when ingested
- help balance body oil levels without clogging pores
- helps stimulate metabolism for better digestion
- moisturize hands and nails
- strengthen nails
- use as a hair conditioner for dandruff control or deep conditioning
- soothes skin irritation & inflamations
- can stop pimples from growing
- soothes itchiness
- can makes breasts firmer?
- rumor is it can help prevent tumors and skin cancers by rubbing onto skin
- use it as a gum toner
- use as a body or facial moisturizer
- has powerful antioxidants and vitamin E
- use on tummy or butt to help prevent sagging
- use as a makeup remover
- use with a warm wash cloth or sponge in the shower to massage onto face or apply after showering like a moisturizer

(credits for uadface of youtube)

Some tips on how I use EVOO:

As a facial moisturizer
- after washing apply 2 - 3 drops of EVOO on your palm and massage in to the face.

As a Hair Moisturizer / Hot oil
- put a small amount of EVOO on a small container. heat for 5 - 10 mins in the microwave. massage the scalp and roots with it.

As a lip exfoliant and moisturizer
- mix sugar (preferably brown sugar) and EVOO, exfoliate the lips with it then wash. you can apply EVOO alone again into your lips


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